Natural Treatment of Perimenopause in Scottsdale Arizona

Many new patients seek care from me because they are experiencing the sometimes DRAMATIC hormonal shifts of perimenopause. Perimenopause often starts to become noticeable in the mid to late 40s. Women frequently complain of...

  • anxiety

  • sleep issues

  • low energy

  • weight gain and a slowed metabolism

  • shorter cycles and heavier periods

  • low libido

For example, progesterone is commonly low in perimenopause. Because progesterone is key in balancing estrogen, low progesterone levels can actually be hazardous to your health allowing estrogen to go unchecked and stimulate too much tissue growth in the breast and uterus. Low progesterone can also cause heavy periods, interrupt sleep and make you feel more anxious throughout the day. 

Complicating the hormonal shifts is the fact that women in this age group are often carrying a heavy load in terms of their personal and professional life. Cortisol, our stress hormone can become chronically elevated, leading to anxiety, weight gain, poor sleep, and blood sugar issues.

Women may also notice changes to libido and the health of the vaginal tissue. Sex may become uncomfortable. 

Treatment is individualized and often includes a personalized prescription for the movement, nutrition, sleep and stress reduction strategies that allow you to maintain a great quality of life. Natural hormone support can also be very helpful. I love working with perimenopausal women because they are often highly motivated to get relief so that they can continue to operate at the level they are used to personally and professionally.