Ep #7: Intermittent Fasting for Hormone Balance (May 17, 2019)

In this episode, Dr Stefanski discusses how to use intermittent fasting to transform your health. She talks the nuts and bolts of fasting and topics like...

  • The health benefits of intermittent fasting, like weight loss, mental clarity, improved insulin sensitivity and blood sugar balance and regeneration of your cells. 

  • Important things you need to know about electrolytes, hydration and exercise during fasting. 

  • The use of fasting with cancer treatment and chemotherapy. 

  • How fasting impacts your hormone systems and how it can be helpful in the case of estrogen dominance and high insulin. 

  • Who should avoid fasting and why. 

  • An easy way to get started if you're interested in trying fasting. 

  • How to use dinner to set yourself up for a successful fast. 

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