Healing the thyroid takes more than medication

Healing the thyroid takes more than medication

Every day I see patients in my office with thyroid disorders. Often these people have not felt right for many years. Sometimes it is simply a matter of getting on the right medication. But more often, it is much more complicated. 

Here's the truth: getting enough thyroid hormone is just one piece of a larger puzzle. And trying to force the body to take thyroid hormone medication when it cannot is a recipe for misery. 

If there is any sign of autoimmune disease such as Hashimoto's or Graves disease, it will take more than medication to feel better because simply giving thyroid medication doesn't heal autoimmunity. 

Many other situations that can interfere with the body's ability to use thyroid hormone and can keep you from feeling your best. 

These include...

  1. Inflammation and chronic illness

  2. Low iron levels

  3. A brain injury or poor brain health 

  4. Exposure to chemicals that disrupt thyroid function

  5. High blood sugar and insulin resistance

  6. High stress and chronically elevated cortisol

  7. Digestive issues like "leaky gut" and poor absorption of nutrients

  8. A diet that is high in sugar and processed foods or too low in healthy fats

  9. Medications like steroids and birth control pills

So much of modern medicine is about treating individual organs and diseases. Go to this doctor for your digestive problems and another for your autoimmune disease.

But the truth is that every system in the body is connected. And in order to get to the root cause and truly feel your best, it's important to take a truly holistic view and work with a doctor who can put together the puzzle pieces of your individual health story.